Size:Main unit 395*420*185 mm, Support cart 450*450*970 mm, Heating sensor 660*210*210 mm
Seal.Dia:Φ20 mm~Φ80 mm,or Φ70 mm~Φ110 mm(Select one from two)
1. Pure digital circuit design: Using imported chips and the world's advanced FPGA algorithm, it has realized multi-threaded high-speed parallel (can process various input and output signals required by electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine at the same time), and the processing speed is dozens of times faster that single-chip microcomputer. The sealing is more stable, and the equipment failure rate is lower.
2. The invisible design of the sensor air cooling system is beautiful and reliable.
3. Good at sealing big mouth bottles with uniform and beautiful sealing.
4. The control panel is placed on the front of the sensor, which is convenient to operate.
5. Modular all-digital high-precision circuit control system ensures stable output and is not affected by mains fluctuations.
6. Adjustable power switching power supply, no need to preheat when starting up, easy to operate.
7. The heating sensor,main unit can be interchanged for the equipment of the same model, effectively reduce the cost.
8. Brand-new core module: equipment anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, dust-proof, stable performance, long service life, convenient maintenance, and greatly reduce costs.

Standard: one Main unit,one support cart,one heatong sensor.

Specialized in food, cosmetics, medicine, grain and oil, chemical products such as plastic bottle and glass bottle seal, generally meet the needs of all kinds of conventional container sealing.

Input:AC 220V±10%,50/60 Hz
Output:3000WMAX (adjustable)
Sealing speed:40~180 bottles per minute
Sealing diameter:Φ20 mm~Φ80 mm,or Φ70 mm~Φ110 mm (select one from two)
Sealing Height (from ground): 900 mm-1140 mm

Machine size:

Main unit 395*420*185 mm

Heating sensor 470*200*95 mm

Support cart 450*450*970 mm

G.W / N.W: 55 KG / 77 KG