DG-5000A plus

Input:AC 220 V±10%,50/60Hz
Size:Main unit 460*410*230 mm,Heating sensor 320*130*190 mm,Water tank 520*450*980 mm
Seal.Dia:Φ15-Φ55 mm,or Φ30-Φ70 mm,or Φ60-Φ140 mm(select one from three)
1. Pure digital circuit design: adopts imported chips and the world's advanced FPGA algorithm to realize multi-threaded high-speed parallel (can process various input and output signals required by electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine at the same time), and the processing speed is a few of that of a single-chip microcomputer. Ten times, the sealing is more stable, and the equipment failure rate is lower.
2. Low EMI design: greatly reduce the harmonic pollution to the power grid, effectively improve the performance and reliability of its own equipment, and at the same time protect the reliable operation of surrounding electrical equipment;
3. Anti-surge design: each time the equipment is powered on, the city current slowly rises to the specified value, which has no hard impact on the grid, and at the same time meets its own high-power power requirements;
4. Host anti-corrosion design: 304 stainless steel shell material, device circuit and cooling air duct completely isolated design, effectively prevent the main circuit components from being corroded by corrosive gases, thereby improving the reliability and life of the equipment itself;
5. Heating sensor: newly added temperature control protection function, when the temperature of the heating sensor is too high, the machine will stop output immediately, and the alarm light will sound and light alarm at the same time. The unique tunnel structure and multi-directional three-dimensional induction mode make the sealing effect more ideal. The electromagnetic output is stable and uniform and the efficiency is strong. It can be compatible with various bottle sealings. The sensor is rotatable and interchangeable. It is suitable for the sealing of bottles with different sizes and calibers. One machine has multiple functions and saves costs;
6. Stable output voltage: In the case of mains fluctuations or large load changes, the system will automatically stabilize the effective output voltage of the heating head. It will not be too high or low, or fluctuating high and low, to maintain the consistency of the sealing effect and avoid Poor sealing of some bottles;
7. Stable and reliable performance: The machine has a special design and a complete self-diagnosis and protection system. Under various extreme conditions (such as overheating, overload, water shortage, and abnormal mains, etc.), the equipment can protect itself in time, and the external intelligent sound Light alarm, can accurately judge the fault point, convenient for users to check and remove the fault;
8. Humanized operation interface: adopts full digital control concept, with power-off memory function, digital display, panel touch button design, operation is extremely simple and convenient;
9. Equipped with intelligent water tank: The water tank provides circulating cooling water for the heating head, which can monitor the circulating water flow and water temperature in real time, and provide fault (water shortage or overheating) alarm and diagnosis, so that the host and heating head can work stably and reliably for a long time. At the same time, the output power of the induction head is greatly increased, and the life of the induction head is prolonged.
10. The equipment of the same model can be interchanged for general use: effectively reduce the cost of use and more convenient maintenance.
11. Brand-new modular smart box technology: equipment anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, long service life, extremely low failure rate, convenient maintenance, and greatly reduced costs.

Standard configuration: one Main unit,one Heating sensor, one water tank

Specialized in food, pesticide, medicine, cosmetics, edible oil, chemical and other industries of sealing products

Input:AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Sealing speed:40~600 bottles per minute
Sealing height(from ground):760-1180 mm
Machine size:Main unit 410*460*320 mm,Heating sensor 310*130*190 mm,Water tank 520*450*980 mm
Sealing diameter:Φ15 mm~Φ55 mm,or Φ30 mm~Φ70 mm ,or Φ60 mm~Φ140 mm(select one from three)
N.W / G.W: 72 KG / 95 KG